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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Top 5 Backpackers Travel Tips

Are you thinking of going travelling or backpacking for an extended length of time? Are you worried about the prospect particularly if you are going alone?

The little plastic containers that camera film comes in are excellent for storing things. The best use I found for them was salt and pepper holders.

• If you're a drinker, make sure you have your own wine/bottle opener! Sometimes you can get them as key rings. You'll never find one in a hostel cause they're constantly stolen.

• Always travel with a pack of cards.
It's the best way to make friends and a lifesaver if you're staying in a hostel with no TV.

A sarong has many uses. It acts as a tablecloth during a picnic. A wrap around if you've unfortunately managed to fry your legs to a crunchy crusty crisp in the midday sun. A belt that keeps your trousers up. A blanket to sit on while relaxing on the beach or in the park. Finally, my personal favourite, if you're lucky enough to get a bottom bunk, you can pin it under the mattress above so you get a little more privacy.

Don't leave home without a journal. The scribbled stories from Singapore , tales from Thailand and memories of amazing people and places will be what you treasure when you're in your 50s. Think of it less as a journal or diary and more as the story of your travels. Your own little book!

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