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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Backpackers Hostels in Malaysia - The free information platform was born with the idea to create an international hostel address database, which is free-to-use for everybody. Every traveller has already remarked that it is a lot more difficult to get in direct contact with a hostel in a city by than one could imagine because you will always fall back at online booking services. A booking service where I pay my hostel in advance even if I dont already know if I want to leave today or tomorrow.
This is how we want to differ from all the other already established pages:

- an international address database with only hostels and cheap Bed and Breakfasts and guest houses listed
- links for every city and country, giving the first directions for the traveller
- direct contact with hostels and companies
- free listing for hostels and companies, free using for everybody
- transparent organisation
- ads at minimum

About 16 Cities or District in Malaysia are listed for backpacker accommodation. Who the person or backpacker group interested to find out and to know about backpacker accommodation in Malaysia, you can browse through this URL :

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