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Monday, April 14, 2008

Backpackers in Pangkor : Nazri Nipah Camp

Apart of the resorts at Pulau Pangkor there are some fine cheap huts near the beach for backpackers available. The best I found around Nipah Bay and they are excellent bargains for backpackers, cyclists and other individual long term travelers. The cheap places are usually "camps" which here at Pangkor usually means you will get a beach hut.

The huts come with mattresses and fan. Bathroom can be attached. We found some nice places around Nipah Bay which are cheap and good values.

The Nazri Nipah Camp

Nazri Nipah CampThe Nazri Camp is located at Teluk Nipah. The Camp offers 10 small huts (RM 20) and 7 chalets (RM 40) available. Some of the huts are triangle sized. All have fans and mattresses available. Some of the huts have attached bathrooms.

Food is available for reasonable prices. There is a barbeque on request available with a minimum of 10 people. There is a central relaxing area with music and tv (football seems to be very popular).

The Nazrih Nipah Camp has a laundry service available. Adik, the manager is a musician. Don't be surprised when you come you find him jamming with the guests or some friends.

But the main reason why I like the Nazrih Nipah Camp is it's relaxed and cool atmosphere under the shady trees. It has for sure a sort of "jungle feeling". Highly recommended if you travel "on a shoestring".
Relaxing at the Nazrih Nipah Camp in the lush forest.
Relaxing at the Nazrih Nipah Camp at Pulau Pangkor

Getting there

The Nazrih Nipah Camp is located at lot 4445 at Teluk Nipah. Teluk Nipah has two side roads. Take the one at the corner of the Horizon Inn. It's at the end of the road.

Bookings can be done by telephone:

Call Adik at 012-5760267 or write to
Nazri Mat Abu (Nazri Nipah Camp)
4445 Kampung Teluk Nipah 32300 Pangkor, Pangkor 32300, Perak
phone: 605-6852014


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