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Thursday, November 6, 2008

FEI World Endurance Accommodation 2008 at Sutra Beach Resort, Lembah Bidong, Setiu Terengganu

The FEI WEC 2008, held once every two years, is one of the greatest and toughest horse endurance racing championships, covering a total ride distance of 160km. The organiser Yayasan DiRaja Sultan Mizan (DYSM) believes the FEI WEC 2008 has all the trappings of the most keenly contested endurance competition ever since its official inception in Pratoni del Vavario, Italy in 1986.

The uniqueness is of this sport is that there are two athletes involved (rider and horse) and they need to be in perfect synchronisation on the day of the race in order to achieve the top spot. It therefore not only requires a well conditioned, tough horse at its peak fitness level but a high dose of physical strength, fitness, stamina, strong mental power and determination from the rider.

International Equestrian Federation (FEI) World Endurance Championship 2008
Date: 6th November - 9th November 2008
Venue: Lembang Bidong, Merang, Setiu, Terengganu
Organiser: State Government of Terengganu / Yayasan Diraja Sultan Mizan / Arif Solutions
Telephone No: 09-623 1957 / 03-7713 5585 (Secretariat WEC)


Accommodation, food and soft drinks with meals, will be provided for all individuals nominated by their NF (as per the definite entries list) from the dates as detailed below. Additional persons (if any) will have to make their own arrangements.
Accommodation will be provided for team/individuals in the following Official Hotels:
Sutra Beach Resort
Hotel Address: Kampung Rhu Tapai, Merang
21010 Setiu, Terengganu, Malaysia

Phone : +609 669 6200 / 653 1111
Fax : +609 653 1226

Getting There

Located at the easter coast of the Peninsular in Terengganu, amidst the fishing village of Merang. The journey will take close to half an hour from Sultan Mahmud Shah, Kuala Terengganu Airport. 7 hours from Kuala Lumpur, but if you'd rather take the easy way, you could always take a plane to the airport which will only take about 45 minutes from Kuala Lumpur.

Services and Facilities
* Swimming Pool
* Outdoor/Indoor games and activities
* Traditional massages
* VCR for rental
* Books and magazines provided.
* Internet services.
* Meeting and conference facilities