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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tasik Chini: the Lotuses Will Bloom Again in Kampung Salong, Pekan Pahang, Malaysia

Tasik Chini is the second largest freshwater lake in Malaysia after Tasik Bera, both in Pahang, and a worthwhile eco-tourism destination.

Its natural splendour added with the legend of the Seri Gumum dragon draws a parallel with Loch Ness in Scotland.

Yet it only received about 17,000 visitors last year, a paltry number compared to other tourist hotspots in this country. How come a panoramic lake rich in flora and fauna, and with an accompanying legend, failed to attract more visitors?

The answer probably lies in the deteriorating condition of the lake that is now a cause of concern, especially for those who were once awed by its beauty. They certainly want action taken to protect this invaluable heritage.

- Jungle Trekking / Mountain Climbing
- Lake Chini Tours
- Orang Asli Village
- Experience Life As A Farmer

03 Day 02 Night
Day 01 - Welcome Ceremony.
- To meet and to know foster parents.
- Past time games.

Day 02 - Visit rubber and oil palm plantation.
- Lake Chini tours.
- Visit Orang Asli village.

Day 03 - Activities with foster parents.
- End of programme.

En. Abdul Majid bin Idris
1-071. RKT Kampong Salong
26600 Pekan, Pahang, Malaysia.
Tel: 09-420 1125
H/P: 019-366 9821

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