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Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Regency Pelagus Resort, Sarawak, Malaysia

If the comforting sanctuary of nature's best secret is your idea of a holiday, we would like to invite you down to The Regency Pelagus Resort!

Located deep within the enthralling Borneo forests, this idyllic Resort overlooking the swirling waters of the mighty Rejang River is a tropical paradise in every sense:

Lush tropical ancient rainforests rich with flora & fauna

Iban longhouse styled accommodation in traditional Sarawakian authenticity

Verandahs with and open 'Grandstand' view of the Pelagus rapids among other delightful offerings

How to get there?
Daily flight schedules on Malaysia Airlines (MAS) from Kuala Lumpur or Kuching are available to Sibu Airport . Sibu is a small and colourful river town. From Sibu town take a comfortable 3-hour public ferry ride on the Rejang River to a small fishing village of Kapit . At Kapit hop on a speedboat for 30 minutes to the Regency Pelagus Resort. There are no roads. The river is your highway.

Also Your can choose journey will start from Sibu Wharf in an express boat to Kapit Wharf, a 3-hour journey. From Kapit onwards, it will take another 45 minutes on our speedboat. At the Resort, take a guided tour on our various graded jungle trails. Our resident guide is always willing to share his jungle knowledge with you.

Take an excursion to the Iban longhouse and observe the friendly Ibans in their daily lifestyle. In the evening, take a dip in our swimming pool or the waterfall which is an easy 40 minutes walk from the Resort. Try your skill on the blowpipe and learn the Iban Ngajat dance.

Mr. Nyaring Bandar (H/P: 013 - 817 7972)

The Regency Pelagus Resort
P.O. Box 176
96807 Kapit
Tel : 084 - 799051
Fax : 084 - 799050

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