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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Malaysia : One of the Backpackers destinations for 2008

djennay said : top 10 for 2008 would be:

1. Morocco: This North African gem is growing from strength to strength and shows no sign of stopping this trend in 2008. With new cheap flights on offer, loads of culture to soak up and some of the world's best scenery Morocco is all set for another super year.

2. Turkey: With coverage from Time Out magazine and Michael Palin's recent TV series, Turkey looks set to be back amongst the big boys in 2008. Forget package holiday stereotypes there is so much more to this wonderful country.

3. Malaysia: Think Thailand with a much more considered eye for development. On the back of a successful Visit Malaysia 2007 campaign, the Malays look set to reap the benefits in 2008. from the jungle walkways of Tamaneggara to the sleepy beaches of pehrentian and Tioman islands and the hill stations of the Cameron highlands, Malaysia is a country well worth exploring. Word on the grapevine is that Air Asia are introducing a low cost flight between London and KL. Keep your eyes on the prize!

4. UK holidays: With more and more people becoming increasingly aware of their carbon footprint and the damage caused by flying, the UK is set to recieve a tourism boom this year with big numbers of people expected to flock to our local hot spots of Cornwall, Devon, Gower and the Lakes. Let's hope the rains of 2007 don't put people off!

5. Tribe Wanted! Just check out the website - looks amazing and def something I would consider doing!

6. Andaman islands: In the middle of the sea (I suppose you could say off the coast of India, loosely) these little gems wereravaged by the Tsunami but are now starting to get back on their feet.

7. Argentina: Definitely on my list for 2008. I have been devouring literature on argentina, Buenos Aires in particular. It looks incredible - full of culture, music, smells and of course steaks!

8. Alaska: Watch the movie Into the Wild and you will see why! Stunning.

9. China: With good recent coverage in Wanderlust magazine and some excellent TV documentaries (not to forget the forthcoming olympics), now is the perfect time to go and visit this incredible country (I know I want to!)

10. Nepal: Some really decent routes have just opened up to Kathmandu from the UK and although prices are still quite high, it is well worth the cost. I have numerous friends who have been there as part of larger trips and have all said it is sensational - culture and scenery like nowhere else.

I am sure there are some contraversial selections here so email me your ideas with a short description on why you think it is a hot pick for 2008 and I will post the best.

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