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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rubber Tapping Experience At Pelegong Homestay

Rubber Tapping Experience At Pelegong Homestay, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

Get away from it all and return to the serenity of life in a traditional Malay village under the Pelegong Homestay programme in Negeri Sembilan. Here, you are able to enjoy the warm hospitality of your host family and be a part of the household by joining them in their daily activities.

Wake up to the authenticity of 'kampung' life. Listen to the sounds of cockerels greeting a new day, breathe in the crisp fresh air and look forward to the simple pleasures of life -- collect your own eggs from the coop, learn to tap a rubber tree, enjoy an icy cool dip at the nearby river before trying your luck at fishing and try your hand at baking delicious Malay cakes.

Another trade on the village (kampung) is rubber. Unfortunately this monoculture isn't exactly the best thing for the environment. However, this is a cash crop for many of the islanders. They like showing travelers how to produce a rubber mat. It's actually rather interesting. You'll get to tap a tree with a special knife and work the rolling machine that makes the mats.

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