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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bukit Gantang Homestay - Perak Vacation

Bukit Gantang Homestay is one of the Perak Vacation destination. Bukit Gantang is rich in history. According to local folklore, an escaped elephant from the village was found stuck in mud covered in rich tin.

Its owner, Long Jaafar, soon became wealthy with the opening of tin mines in the area. He was also appointed as territory controller and contributed much to the growth of the area.

Since then, Bukit Gantang has grown from a small village to a bustling area full of activity. Eventhough the area has been developed, traditional cultural practices are still alive here.

Get to experience Malay homestay with the locals. Feed the chickens, and tour the village on a bicycle. Get up early in the morning to tap rubber, or see the process of making 'asam gelugor'.

Other activities include visits to the local museum and an eco natural hot springs treatment. Take time to immerse in the lovely Malay culture of Bukit Gantang, and discover a world of wonders!

1. Rubber tapping experience
2. Asam Gelugor' processing
3. Visits local products such as 'Bedak Sejuk', 'Kerepek' and Malay cookies.
4. Orientation visits at Agrotourism Farm

By car. About 10 minutes drive from Changkat Jering Toll Exit, from the North-South Highway. Turn left on the first traffic-light and turn right on the second traffic-light. Drive for another 5 km to Bukit Gantang Farm.

Taiping has always been known as an attractive little town with its distinct and charming architecture of mostly pre-world war 2 shops houses. The town itself is overlooked by serene jungle-clad hills, the most famous of them being Bukit Larut.

Founded in 1884 as Maxwell Hill by the British, Bukit Larut is Malaysia's oldest hill station and is located a mere ten kilometres from the quiet and sleepy old town of Taiping. Located at approximately 1250 m above sea level, the hill station has the distinction of being in the wettest part of the country and therefore experiences the highest rainfall in Malaysia.

Visitors to Bukit Larut will definitely notice how Bukit Larut's charm lies in its simplicity. Rather than being a typical superfluous and developed hill resort, Bukit Larut retains much of its original atmosphere as a colonial hill station. The hill station is dotted with many rustic colonial style bungalows and almost all of which are surrounded by colourful and carefully tended gardens. Most of the bungalows are available for rent, with rates starting from RM120 a night. Visitors can inquire or make bookings at the entrance of the hill station located near its foothill.


Bukit Gantang Homestay,
Pejabat Penyelaras Homestay,
Jalan Kuala Kangsar,
34850 Changkat Jering, Taiping,

Tel/ Fax:
605- 855 4967/ 605- 855 4078/ 605- 855 4180.

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