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Monday, June 9, 2014

FLORIA Putrajaya 2014 - Floral Exhibition Putrajaya

FLORIA Putrajaya 2014 - Floral Exhibition Putrajaya and putrajaya flower show. Highlights of FLORIA Putrajaya 2014 are the Wedding Gardens, Urban Gardens, Designer Gardens, Fantasy Gardens, Futuristic Gardens, Begonia Garden, Royal Garden, Tea Party Garden, Innovation Garden and Indoor Pavilion.

An entrance fee?
Being introduced for the first time this year. 
Adults: RM3,
Kids:    RM1 (ages 7 to 12).

From Saturday 14th June until Sunday 22nd June 2014.
From 9 am until 10.30 pm (Mon-Thu).
From 9 am until 12 midnight (Fri-Sun).

A new and permanent site has been prepared in Putrajaya Precinct 4 close to the famous Seri Saujana Bridge.

Plenty of free parking is available but expect heavy traffic and big crowds in this area.

This annual flower show is gaining increasing international recognition. Highlights for this year's event include:

  1. Wedding Gardens. These colourful displays are sure to be a hit among photographers and courting couples.
  2. Urban Gardens. This new section will feature displays designed by NGO's and commercial participants from the horticulture industry.
  3. Designer Gardens. Professional landscape architects will dazzle visitors with their creative and innovative masterpieces.
  4. Flower Galore. As usual there will be a Grand Flower Bed as the centrepiece to the event, a spectacular display of colourful flowers in full bloom. In addition to exceptional displays of begonias, expect to see plenty of orchids, heliconia, hibiscus, roses, bonsai, herbs and much more.
  5. Showcase Gardens by various associations, organizations, schools, and commercial gardeners will show off their green fingers and garden design talents.
  6. Royal Garden. This year's event will be officially opened by the King of Malaysia. In his honour, a special garden in featuring royal yellow will be on display with elements inspired by the royal palaces of Selangor.
  7. Tea Party Garden. Returning again this year is the popular lake side garden where visitors can enjoy refreshments and delicious Malaysian snacks.
  8. Floral Pavilion is an air-conditioned indoor space for floral displays by international and local exhibitors.
  9. Vertical Wall Showcase. Beautiful landscaped living green walls will provide inspiration to gardeners and designers.
  10. Floria Arts & Crafts. A new attraction for this year are stalls selling traditional Malaysian handicraft products.
  11. Garden Bazaar is a horticultural market where visitors can buy plants, garden products, outdoor furniture, play equipment, biotech products, landscaping services and more.
  12. Therapy Garden. Reflexology, fish spa, foot and shoulder massage.

These include:

  1. flower arranging contests, 
  2. gardening demonstrations, 
  3. cooking workshops, 
  4. nature photography and 
  5. watercolour competitions.


  1. Street entertainers, 
  2. kiddyland, 
  3. brass band, 
  4. cheer leading, 
  5. fireworks displays.


  1. There will be plenty of food retailers,
  2.  fruit sellers and 
  3. souvenir shops.

Night Floral Parade. One of the most popular highlights of the event is the Magic of the Night 'Colours of Harmony' which will feature brightly illuminated floats cruising up and down Putrajaya Lake.

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