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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Seri Tanjung Homestay, Malacca

Seri Tanjung Homestay, Melaka is one of the high attractive cultural homestay in Melaka or Malacca.

A Famosa Melaka is one of the unique destination must be visited. Also Nyonya culture was known as a cultural homestay international. If you travel to Melaka don't forget to get these two spot point of visit location.

Experience the real kampung way of life at Seri Tanjung Village. Twice winner of National beautiful competition, Seri Tanjung offers accommodation for visitors under Homestay concept. The village is in Alor Gajah district, situated at 24km away from Malacca Historic City.

During your stay, you will be able to observe and participate in the activities organized by the villagers, such as poultry, husbandry and farming. there are also a number of ponds for plain water fishes, run commercially by the villagers. From time to time, visitors will be able to observe some traditional recreations such as gasing ( top spinning), congkak ( traditional Malay game) or seni silat (Malay Martial Arts).

You have two options: you can either take a taxi from the town to Seri Tanjung or contact your hosts to pick you up from the hotel.

Mailing Address:
Seri Tanjung Tours & Homestay Sdn. Bhd.
AG: 4926, Tingkat 1,
Bangunan Mara, Jalan Besar,
78300 Masjid Tanah, Melaka, Malaysia.

Telephone/Fax:+ 606 - 385 2330
Mobile : + 6013 - 613 8821
+ 6014 - 266 8821
+ 6016 - 669 1847

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