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Monday, January 12, 2009

Azura Homestay, Kuala Langat, Selangor, Malaysia

Azura Homestay, Kuala Langat, Selangor offers a distinctive style of living with emphasis on warm and friendly hospitality within private homes. This is your chance to experience the genuine Malaysian lifestyle.Wake up to the authenticity of 'kampung' life. Listen to the sounds of cockerels greeting a new day, breathe in the crisp fresh air and look forward to the simple pleasures of life, collect your own eggs from the coop, learn to tap a rubber tree, enjoy an icy cool dip at the nearby river before trying your luck at fishing and try your hand at baking delicious Malay cakes.

Azura Homestay is situated in Kuala Langat District, about 5 km from Banting town and 25 km from KLIA. It covers about 859 hectares, largely of land under agriculture comprising of palm oil, coconut and coffee. Planting area the village was open in 1910. At first, there were only about 10 families in the village. Population increased from year to year and currently there are 368 houses with about 2,138 in habitants.

Although not in planned settlement, the road system and house are well lay out in grilled iron pattern with the main road providing access to the settlement. The design of most houses in the village reflects typical traditional Javanese style architecture. The houses are relatively large compared to those in urban areas which each having a well maintained small garden planted with flowers and fruits trees. Even though the land is relatively flat, the variety of colour and shape of the house with garden, a good drainage system and garden planting made Sungai Lang Tengah a beautiful and clean village.

The village is well-equipped with social facilities and utilities comparable to urban settlement. All houses are supplied with electricity and piped water.

On the whole, the administration of land and development of the village is under jurisdiction of Kuala Langat District Office. However at community level, the village is administrated by a Jawatankuasa Kemajuan dan Keselamatan Kampung (Village Development and Security Committee) or known as JKKK headed by a Village Head appointed by the Government.

Preparation and production Bunga Tekap (pressed flower) from flower and plant dried before wilt to meet market demand. Composition and flower vase material from and waste plant as the trunk of a banana tree, corn leaf and skin, upeh propose and palm tree. Product from materials abandoned as paper, old newspaper make vase and handicraft basket. Introduction and food promotion local traditional as lemper, tuntuman, tapai and with methods tempe preparation and special meal.

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