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Friday, August 15, 2008

Orang Asli Kampung Chadak Aborigine Village Homestay, Ulu Kinta, Perak, Malaysia

Ulu Kinta’s geographical spot has been its most intriguing feature. Located inland at the foot of the Titiwangsa Mountain Range, it has been an age-old spot where Temiar aborigines, also called the Orang Asli, from hilly interior exchange and bartered with traders from coastal towns. The Temiars still collect and trade off jungle produce like rattans, resins, honey, petai (an edible bean pod that grows on lofty trees), bamboo and medicinal plants for coastal items like salt, fish, poultry and other domestic essential not available from the rainforest.

To help edge nature-lovers closer to this unsung region, we have chosen Ulu Kinta’s most strategic village Kampung Chadak as base. Flanking the banks of upper Kinta and Senoi Oi rivers, the village is home to 30 odd Temiar families who still practices traditions and taboos passed down from their forefathers. Temiars have deep respect for wildlife and only hunt for sustenance. Kampung Chadak is also the starting point for one of Malaysia’s most gruesome mountain trail, the Trans-Titiwangsa Range. For hundreds of years, people from this village were much sought after as guides by adventurers wanting to scale nearby Mount Korbu (2,183 metres), the highest peak on main range Titiwangsa. Needless to say, the Temiars are brave, hardy and jungle savvy.

Apart from wowing one with authentic jungle living experience, this homestay package is also designed for those who want to learn and take home some jungle survival skills. Take heart, it’s not all rough and tough. We’ll be gentle on you. There is ample time to explore the village or simply read a book by the cool riverside.

Pick up Point - We provide free transfer from JUSCO Shopping Mall (see above map) to Kampung Chadak by 4×4 vehicles. For direct pick-ups from Medan Kidd or Medan Gopeng bus station, additional charges shall be levied. You can also hop on buses that ply Medan Kidd-JUSCO on hourly basis, which is a cheaper option. From Medan Gopeng, there’s no bus to JUSCO and the journey by taxi takes 20 mins.

Quick Itinerary Glance

DAY 1 – Blending In
12.00 noon – Pick up in Ipoh and enjoy an authentic Malay welcome lunch
1:00 pm – 4×4 transfer to Ulu Kinta Aboriginal Forest Reserve.
3:00 pm – Learn how to make and weave baskets and mat from native womenfolk
5:00 pm – Free & easy, swim and bath in the river
7:00 pm – Dinner of Orang Asli jungle food

DAY 2 – Live like the Aborigines
8.00 am – Breakfast.
9.00 am – Trek, explore and learn about rainforest ecology and useful medicinal, edible or special plants from aborigine jungle experts.
1.00 pm – Under Temiar guide’s tutelage, cook your own jungle lunch.
2.00 pm - After lunch, learn how to use the blowpipe.
3.00 pm - Learn to make and rig traps on trees and forest floor.
4.00 pm – Back trek to Kampung Chadak
5:00 pm – 4×4 transfer back to Ipoh.

This is an easy going itinerary that leaves travellers with a lot of time for photography, relaxing and connecting with nature.

Duration: 2 days 1 night
Season: January – December
Price: RM690 per person

Price Includes …

- 1 breakfast, 2 lunches, 1 dinner, fruits and snacks.
- Complimentary 4 liters of bottled drinking water.
- Sleeping bags
- English speaking naturalist and Orang Asli guides
- 4×4 offroad return transfers ex-Ipoh.
- Rainforest and aborigine reserve entrance permits.

No.10 Persiaran Ind. Bercham 9
31400 Bercham, Ipoh, Kinta Valley

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