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Monday, July 28, 2008

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A taste of ‘kampung’ life
Rozana Sani, NSTP
July 28, 2008

THE Petronas Twin Towers, F1 track in Sepang, Genting Highlands, Malacca and Penang often top the must-see sites for tourists to Malaysia. While these are arguably some of the most popular attractions, they do not exactly give tourists an insight into who Malaysians really are. Besides, not all travel budgets can accommodate such an itinerary.

On that premise, 43-year-old Shahruddin Mohamad Nor took the initiative to set up a local homestay guide targeted at budget travellers looking to experience a more traditional lifestyle in the country, in particular the kampung.

“I started Malaysia Backpackers Destination and Homestay ( two years ago. My main aim is to promote homestay or rural tourist destinations that may be suitable for backpackers around the world to visit. Subsequently, this will help expose youths of the world to the Malaysian culture,” said the Putrajaya-based Government officer.

He explained that to take part in a homestay programme means to be “adopted” by a family and treated as a member of that family for the duration of the stay. Participants can immerse themselves in village activities such as wear traditional attire, go fishing in the rivers, play kites with the kids, eat simple local food, and observe local customs, just like how locals would go about their day.

The Malaysia Backpackers Destination and Homestay blog currently enjoys an average of 30 to 50 unique or loyal visitors daily.

Other than posts on the various homestay programmes available in the country, the blog features online hostel and flight booking.

“I intend to make the blog more interactive. I plan to integrate maps and demographic information on the homestay locations for tourists. Ultimately, I hope to turn the blog into a Malaysian homestay knowledge bank,” Shahruddin said.

He is optimistic that traffic to his blog will increase significantly once those plans are put in place.


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