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Sunday, March 16, 2008

F1 fan travels To Malaysia for speed thrills and Cheaper Accommondation

When the Formula One season kicks off this Sunday with the Australia Grand Prix, many Indian enthusiasts would have travelled Down Under to catch the action live on the fast tracks.

Still many more will make a pit stop at Malaysia the week after to watch their favourite speed kings. And as the season progresses, F1 aficionados will travel even further to be part of the fun.

Over the last few years, the interest in F1 has increased. Malaysia continues to be a hot favourite, but many have also travelled to Shanghai and Dubai," says P Srinivas, senior VP, Special Interest Tours, SOTC.

The Sepang Grand Prix in Malaysia clearly ranks as the favourite among Indians. The fact that it's closer than other circuits is a plus point for Malaysia.

Sepang will again play host to Round 2 of the FIA Formula One Grand Prix World Championship in 2008, which many believe is the real start of the championship battle for the world crown.

The new 2008 season opens in Albert Park Circuit in Melbourne on March 16 as the teams and drivers get their first taste of competition after months of wait and suspense; testing and experimenting; hoping that they have finally found the perfect set up their race machines.

More often than not, the teams usually struggle at the Australian Grand Prix as they learned more about themselves, their drivers and their opponents. Moreover, the contest around a tight street circuit of Albert Park provided additional limitations for the teams and drivers to push themselves to their true best.

Hosting the 10th edition of the Formula One Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix from March 21 to 23, Sepang will again provide the stiffest test for the teams and drivers with its challenging weather and the demanding 5.543-km circuit.

“The Malaysian GP has always been the race eagerly waited by the teams and drivers as they prepared themselves for what is usually their biggest test of the season due to the challenging weather and humidity,” says SIC Senior General Manager Datuk Azmi Murad.

Jimmy Xavier Harrison said :

Hi I’m Jim from Bristol,..I shall say that this is one of the best track in the world., Malaysia is always the best place to relax and chill.
Unlike the boring Singapore..everything’s just same and plain, lame skycrapers and people in the street. That’s what the so-called unique Singapore was.

While the F-1 is going to kick start in the street of Singapore, its still went the same..cause its already done in Monaco, and it happens in the nite? Owh c’mon don’t tell me that you gonna have to pay more taxes to cover the overall cost just for the lights?..

Bruno said:
I have been going to Sepang for the past 8 years and never been disapointed… We would usually get a group of 4-5 friends drive up from singapore on Friday or Saturday night - Stop by Mallaca - or straight to KL. check in our hotel and party the night away… Drive from downtown KL on Sunday to the ciruit ( It takes about an hour if you’re early.. or 3 if you leave after 11.00am ) The car park has improved every year and it’s now a breeze to drive in & out of the circuit. The frst year it took us almost 3hrs just to get out of the Field-carpark- but now you can be on the Highway within 45 mn.
The first time we went there we sat on open stands at turn 14 ( now non-existant) no shelter, bloody hot, but right on the restart to the grandstand straight. ( Great accelerations views) the year after I took the open field at turn 8. Still no shelter and we melted under our umbrellas that’s when I decided that every other year we will get the covered open area @ turn 10/11 and that’s where we’ve been every year since. Beautiful track, great people in Malaysia and the best atmosphere in downtown Kuala-Lumpur on Saturday night.
See you all in Singapore on 28th Sept


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